What ?

  • an educational and informative portal on Brazilian development issues
  • continuously updated with direct connection to relevant websites and pages
  • edited by experts and maintained by volunteers worldwide


  • To promote knowledge and debate about Brazil by gathering, sharing and publicizing reliable information through electronic media. Because valuable information is scattered on the Internet and often hidden inside a website, Brazilink leads you directly to where it is. Search engines do not search the « deep/invisible web » (dynamic database contents), where data tends to be of better quality and have more relevance (1)
  • To promote freedom of access to and spread of information. We index « open access » websites mainly. These are free of charge and must contain downloadable articles and/or other valuable data with unrestricted access. There are great opportunities for exploiting new technology and publishing models that better serve the public as a whole (2)
  • To be a space for a dynamic and participatory sharing of electronic resources. Our pages are edited by experts and maintained by volunteer students worldwide. No software can replace humans when it comes to selecting and defining contents’ quality and relevance
  • To respond to globalising trends, which implies more awareness of and interest for issues beyond national frontiers. At the same time, to show the Brazilian uniqueness in its historical, economic, political, cultural and environmental dimensions. Brazil is well placed in the international arena for its territorial extension, its cultural and environmental wealth and diversity, and in the context of Latin American and cross-countries development issues
  • To keep updated those who are interested in Brazilian public issues and live outside Brazil. It’s therefore addressed to a wide range of public : academia, think tanks, charities, media, corporations, development agencies, bilateral and global bodies, multinational financial institutions, etc. Brazilians from and outside Brazil are also welcome, along with other Portuguese speaking peoples. By its own nature, the Web is open to all
  • The editorial line underpinning this website revolves around a concern and interest in human capital and sustainable development. Society’s well-being is an essential component of/for development. Brazilink endeavors to show different actors and perspectives within Brazilian society, while at the same time focusing on the most pressing public issues and disadvantaged groups
  • This project will never be concluded due to the dynamic character of the Internet. This also means that it can get better and better. Your opinion is very important for us


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