Inside a Champion An Analysis of the Brazilian Development Model

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In a two-page advertisement in May 2012, the Itaú Bank summed up things as they now stand : “We are no longer the land of the future, we are the land of the present. We are in the limelight now.” Brazil’s foreign minister, Antonio Patriota, said much the same thing that same month when he stated : “For the first time in history, Brazil is an international power.” He continued by saying that Brazil is currently moving on the global political stage on an equal footing with stable nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, and that it is justifiably being afforded a great deal of attention as a result.

The international community likes to see Brazil as a socially oriented, economically successful state that is sensitive to environmental and climate-friendly issues and has even managed to get the endemic destruction of the Amazon rainforests under control – a great power on its way to the top ; a champion. It was this perception that led us to bring out a publication about the Brazilian development model. Because, in Brazilian civil society, another perception of its own state and the politics it pursues prevails. From the perspective of social and ecological justice, social movements and NGOs recognize a development paradigm that is all too similar to what came before and that, at the same time, has revived several large-scale projects from the times of the military dictatorship. This publication takes a closer look at this discrepancy between how Brazil is perceived by those outside of and within its borders.

Economic development, 2012, 224 pages.

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