InfoBrazil was conceived in July of 1999 to provide high quality, independent and diverse English-language analysis and opinion articles about Brazilian issues and current affairs. The site aims to dissect and explore issues and events, in a way that allows readers around the world to better understand what happens in Brazil.

To accomplish this, InfoBrazil attracts a wide array of guest columnists - specialized, often prominent and respected observers, researchers and participants, both in Brazil and elsewhere in the world. They include political, entrepreneurial and community leaders, business and investment executives, advisors and consultants, sports and entertainment personalities, and generally well-informed « players » in Brazilian affairs, usually with first-hand experience in and knowledge of what they write about .

Taken together, these articles provide a variety of experiences and perspectives, from general overviews to targeted insights on specific topics, problems, events or fields of activity. Diversity is the key that allows you, the reader, to reach your own conclusions about what goes on in Brazil.


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